Sabrina Amigoni was born in 1984 in Switzerland, in Lausanne, where she grew up part of her childhood. At the age of 9, she moved with her family to the countryside near Yverdon-les-Bains. Today, she lives and works in her studio in Suchy, in Nord vaudois.


With a strong attraction for the creative fields from an early age, she discovered the profession of fashion designer at 10 years old, thanks to a documentary on the designs of Walt Disney dresses. From that day, she began to design clothes and create small collections. At the end of her school career, she begins studies in fashion design which she will be forced to interrupt before their finality. She then trained in the administrative field and subsequently studied graphic designer. However, she doesn’t find the passion that she experienced during her first professional immersion in the artistic world and chained professional disappointments for almost 10 years.


In 2014, approaching her 30th birthday, she realized the just meaning she wanted to give to her life and left her status as an employee. She worked full time on her drawings and paintings for several months. As a result, the "Color Portraits" series was born, which she exhibited for the first time in 2016 during a solo show.


Enthusiastic about fashion design in her youth, she quickly focused more on the faces whose expression of looks and hair movements fascinated her. In her portraits, however, we find the stylized side that is similar to the graphic side, two universes that she has encountered and from which she draws inspiration today.


His paintings are mainly composed of acrylic and epoxy resin. She likes to texture materials to make them more lively and to mix the use of tools like brushes and knives. Constantly exploring new plastic horizons, she invents her own textures based on pigments, binders and other substrates, working in parallel on lighting and light games with which she is constantly experimenting.


What catches the eye at first glance, after the subject, are the bright colors and the effects with which the paintings reflect light, for example going from matt to glossy or silver to multicolor. The expressive, contrasting and sparkling paintings of Sabrina Amigoni are a means of transmitting to the viewer his energy and his good vibes.


Her astrological sign : Sagittarius

Her eye color : Blue

Her inseparable : Iphone

Her perfume : Chloé perfume water

Her essential of the day : Coffee


An element : Fire

A season : Summer

An animal : Leopard

A stone : Apatite

A smell : Rain


A writer : Émile Zola

Last read : La solitude du vainqueur

A contemporary painter : Daniel Castan

A museum : Collection de l'Art Brut à Lausanne

A program : Une maison, un artiste


A voice : Ayo

A city : New York

A painter : Paul Cézanne

A rhythm : Jazz

A designer : Gabrielle Chanel




ELA Suisse


BPW Switzerland




May 2021

Solo show - Gressyland

Gressy, Switzerland


November 2020 - canceled

Royal Bloom

Lausanne, Switzerland

September 2020

Solo show - Pro Natura - Champ-Pittet

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

April 2020 - canceled

Solo show - Flon - DémArt 

Lausanne, Switzerland

October 2019

Bodypainting session - Fundraising for ELA Association

Suchy, Switzerland

June 2019

Collective exhibition - Galerie Odyssey

Lausanne, Switzerland

May 2019

Live performance - Bodypainting session for Swiss Women Strike

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

December 2018

Solo show - Steiger&Cie

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

October 2017

Solo show - Uniquement Vôtre

Lausanne, Switzerland

March 2017

Solo show - l'Impro

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

October 2020 - canceled

Artistic After Work - Monada - Hotel Le Mandarin Oriental

Geneva, Switzerland

July 2020

Artistic Brunch

Bioley-Magnoux, Switzerland

December 2019

Studio open house

Suchy, Switzerland

August 2019

Creative workshop for Children of ELA Association

Charmey, Switzerland

June 2019

Live bodypainting - street performance 

Basel, Switzerland

May 2019

Art Fair

Suchy, Switzerland

August 2018

Collective exhibition - Spot2B

Lausanne, Switzerland

August 2017

Solo show - Swatch Group - Cité du Temps

Genève, Switzerland

December 2016

Solo show - Hotel Les Sources des Alpes

Leukerbad, Switzerland

October 2020

Conference "L'art au féminin" - Pro Natura - Champ-Pittet

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

May 2020 - canceled

Art Fair

Suchy, Switzerland

November 2019

MAG Art Fair - 2M2C

Montreux, Switzerland

August 2019

Creative workshop for Children of ELA Association

Charmey, Switzerland

May 2019

Cabinet d'ostéopathie

Epalinges, Switzerland

April 2019

Collective exhibition - Place Suisse des Arts

Lausanne, Switzerland

December 2017

Art Shopping Art Fair

Cannes, France

May 2017

Solo show - Hotel Les Sources des Alpes

Leukerbad, Switzerland

July 2016

Solo show - Flon - DémArt

Lausanne, Switzerland


Amigoni Art Studio, 1433 Suchy


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